Packing Right For Travel
Not An Exact Science

Packing right for your trip isn't hard...

But don't worry if you pack wrong... as long as you pack light!

When you're traveling, you're often moving around, and who wants to shlep mounds of luggage from place to place?

You want to pack everything you need for your trip, but not too much...

That's what everyone worries about isn't it?

Especially with today's airline fees for checking luggage, you want to pack efficiently.

But what if you pack WRONG?

About the only way you can pack wrong is to pack way too much.

Packing Lists To Help

We've got lots of pages with tips on packing right for different situations...

     --on how to pack in general, and

     --how to pack for hot weather,

     --cold weather

     --or most things in between.

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Packing Right Means You Won't Be Wrong

Refreshments at Vlad Dracul's birthplace in Sighisoara Romania

Still, even we find that sometimes we packed wrong...

But since we've packed efficiently, we don't worry about it.

A Story To Illustrate The Point

A trip a few years ago to Romania and Bulgaria.

We had been following the weather for a couple of weeks before we left in May....

The weather had been consistently just a little chilly...

And we planned to spend some time in the Carpathian Mountains and way in the north visiting the painted churches of Moldavia.

We knew it could get warm in May too...

Especially along the Black Sea and in Dracula country... so for this trip, we used our mixed weather packing list...


The day we arrived, their typical spring weather arrived.

It turned hot.

I ended up only wearing my short sleeved blouses, occasionally adding a light layer on top.

The long sleeved blouses and the wool pull over sweater never came out of the suitcase!

We didn't worry that we had packed wrong!  We had everything we needed...

We just wore everything a little more often than we would have...

If we HAD run into cooler weather part of the time.


Colder Weather Than Expected On Another Trip

That's exactly what happened on a May trip to the Baltics...

The first couple of days it was much colder than we expected.

Using that mixed weather packing list had us packing right for both hot and cold weather.

(And it turned warm after only a couple of days.)

Don't Over Pack

We like to be prepared...

But don't fall into the trap of over packing "just in case."

We still had everything in only one carry-on each...

Even though we didn't wear half of what we took...

We still had packed the right things for the destination at that time of year.

Happy travels... even if you don't travel the world... just remember that life is a journey... embrace and enjoy it! Judy and Mark

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Thanks, Judy and Mark

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