Africa Seen From Behind
A Different Angle For Photos!

COVID slowed us down for a couple of years, and now a few health issues challenge us.  We're still traveling if not writing about it quite so much. Our goal in 2022 was get to all seven continents in one year... and we did it.

Going forward health issues may not allow us to travel.  No one can take away those memories though.  We hope all of you are well and staying safe... and that you find some inspiration here for YOUR future travels. 

Impala grazing in Timbavati

Another Impala turns away.

“Take it anyway,” I said. 

“Africa seen from behind will be a fun page to write.”  

In truth what I really said was...

“You always give me a bad time when I take photos of the backsides of animals…

...But this time, why don’t we just take a bunch of butt shots.” 

...So we did. 

Even when we were getting great shots of the animals, I was asking if Mark got a good shot of the animal's rear end.

Once we got home and started to write, I had trouble deciding what to call this page...

Butt shots just seemed a little too crude. 

Oh, bummer! 

Yep, even that was a brief contender. 

African backsides almost won…

Just couldn't make up our minds...

So after we wrote this page, we went back and wrote Backsides of Africa with just the close-up shots.

It’s probably not like you found this page by searching for any of those terms.  We even thought of using Africa scenes from behind, but we settled on Africa seen from behind.

You find yourself taking LOTS of pictures on safari.  African sunsets are amazing.  And in truth, with a little patience, it’s easy to get good shots of most of the animals.  This was just a fun way to put a different twist on things.

This is going to be a long page with lots of pictures… it’s hard to choose just a few.  So...

Click on any of the photos;
That starts a slide show with larger size photos.

Let’s Start With That Shy Impala

OK… here are some of the stories behind that cute bumm.  It’s said that they are African fast food… because they are fast, and they’re the right size to be food for almost all of the predators.

Guides will tell you that Impala are called the McDonald’s of Africa because of the bum markings… see how it looks like an “M”?  That’s disruptive coloration… As they’re running away from predators, those black markings break up their silhouette giving them a little better chance.

Male Impala Timbavati Reserve South Africa
Female Impala Chobe NP Botswana

It’s easy to start overlooking them as you’re driving around on safari because there are so many, but they really are beautiful animals…when they’re standing still or when they’re bounding away… like Impala.

Always A Show Stopper

OK… let’s get this one out of the way early… the Vervet Monkey. 

Vervet Monkey

Can you guess what his nickname is? Yep, Blue Balls.

And yes, they really are blue... all the time.

And then there are Warthogs

.Warthogs are Africa seen from behind at its best.  They’re always eating with that strange posture.. crouching with their fanny in the air… or they’re running away with their tails flying…

Warthog, Khwai River
Warthog, Moremi

Or they’re doing something impossibly cute like drinking out of this swimming pool in our tented camp.

Warthogs drinking, Shindzela Camp

Cheeky little fellows… they are one of my favorites because they are so darn ugly that they’re cute.


Elephants at waterhole, Elephant Sands, Botswana
Elephant in Timbavati Reserve

Elephants are pretty imposing front or back. The maternal group below was resting in the shade... with babies lying down underneath them.... nope, they never get stepped on.

Elephants in Hwange NP, Zimbabwe

Of course Eles are pretty easy to photograph from the front too... You just don't want to do anything to annoy them.  Even when they get a little testy, if you're quiet, they'll just veer off around the vehicle.

Irritated Elephant in Chobe NP, Botswana

Wild Dog

We saw our Wild Dog coming to a water hole full of Elephants.  The Wild Dogs just wanted a mud bath and a drink this time, but the Elephants didn’t know that.

Wild Dog, Botswana
Wild Dogs and Elephants

There were several small, baby Elephants, and the Eles did NOT want the dogs there.  One young Elephant charged, trumpeting and slinging mud, running the Wild Dog off.

More Predators


Cheetahs are beautiful whether you just see their bumm or the whole animal.  It’s nice when they’re quiet though.  Much easier for photos… front or backside.

Cheetah bumm, Timbavati
Young Cheetah, Timbavati, South Africa

We once visited the Cheetah Conservation Fund headquarters in Namibia and got to watch their first “Ambassador Cheetah” Chewbaaka go for his exercise run.  They told us to be ready with the camera because when he took off it would be fast…. we got one photo, a blurry one, of the tip of his tail. 

I don’t feel too badly about that though… a few months ago National Geographic mentioned that years ago they had also tried to photograph Chewbaaka running and couldn’t capture it… (They since have, with new technology… and a new Ambassador Cheetah.)


Leopard bumm... at rest, Chobe
Leopard bumm, tensed, ready to move, Khwai

Leopards are hard to spot when they’re lying in the dappled shade under a tree or draped across a branch.  Sometimes all you can get a photo of is their backside, and Africa seen from behind is as lucky as you get… but seems we’re luckier than that, and…

It’s really nice when their up and strolling around like this mum and cub.

Leopard mum and cub, Chobe NP

Lions, Lions, Lions

It’s hard not to show you way too many photos of Lions.  And butt shots are a little contrived with them, because many times they’re just “lion around”… (sort of an Africa Lion joke). 

Lion bumm and tail
Lion pride resting, Khwai River

And watching a snoozing Lion is sort of like watching paint dry.  But I mean… they are LIONS!

Lion on her back after a meal, Khwai River

Sometimes you get lucky and get to see them on the move, but it can still be hard to get more than the backsides.

Lion mum with cub - just the rears!
Lions on the move Timbavari, South Africa

But here’s one we had to show you… this Lioness was moving very little cubs to a new bush when we stopped.  We saw her move two… and she was coming right at us.  Doesn’t get much luckier than that!

Lioness carries newborn cub

Spotted Hyena

You hear about Laughing Hyenas  That’s a sound you don’t often hear.  It's made when they are frustrated and fighting among themselves for food or status in the group…

Most often you hear them “whoo-ooping” in the middle of the night.

Spotted Hyena

“Spotting” them is good, front or rear.

Tall and Wide


Giraffe bumm

Sometimes it seems like if they’re not browsing with their bumms toward you, they’re on the other side of the tree, and all you can see is their heads.

Giraffe browsing, Timbavati
Giraffe, Timbavati, South Africa


Ostrich in Moremi NP
Ostrich by the road near Maun, Botswana

You often come across Ostrich along the side of the road… and they’ll turn away almost every time… whether they’re alone or doing a dance with their lady friend.

Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo

What can I say?  Cape Buffalo are not the prettiest of the animals from the front or the rear.  But they are impressive and unpredictable… and one of the “Big Five”.


Hippo out of water, Khwai River
Hippo bumm...

It’s always fun to catch Hippos out of the water, but you can bet that they’ll soon be heading back in… and I’m yelling to Mark, “Get me that butt shot!”

Antelope of Africa Seen From Behind


Impala are not the only antelope with a distinctive rear end.

When we’re talking Africa seen from behind, we need to include Waterbuck… this is one critter you almost WANT to get a rear end shot of.

Waterbuck bumm

I'll let you enjoy the rest without comment... they're so varied and pretty.

Kudu and Lechwe

Red Lechwe

Reedbuck and Roan

Roan Antelope

Sable and Steenbock

Sable Antelope


Wildebeest bumm
Wildebeest grazing


Tsessebe Mum and baby

The End of the Alphabet


You can't talk about Africa seen from behind without including at least a couple of shots of Zebra.

They say that the stripes on Zebras are like fingerprints… no two are alike.  You can see that from the butt shots we got too…

Zebra, Hwange NP, Zimbabwe
Zebra, Timbavati, South Africa

We Had To Get In The Act

A bunch of tourist and safari hats

After one drive with more animals hidden in the bush than out in the open, we took our own backside photo.  Oh yea, we said it was a picture of the hats… butt…

An African safari is fun, but don’t believe all the documentaries… there are times when you drive along and don’t see anything… and then there are the frustrating times when it seems that all you can see is the backside of those animals.  That doesn’t make a good photo… or does it?

Sometimes a sense of humor is good, and we’re not the first to say just take that picture of Africa seen from behind!

Happy travels... even if you don't travel the world... just remember that life is a journey... embrace and enjoy it! Judy and Mark

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But... We'd love to have you share this page or comment on it…
Thanks, Judy and Mark

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