Mount Vernon

Home of George Washington

Mount Vernon is the most popular historic home in the area close to Washington DC. 

It was the home of the first President of the United States, George Washington.

It is just 16 miles (26 km) south of Washington DC...

And just 8 miles (13 km) from Old Town Alexandria in the state of Virginia.

The estate is on the banks of the Potomac River.

Mount Vernon was the home to George Washington from the time of his marriage to Martha in 1759 until his death.

You can tour the Mansion house and several outbuildings, so wear good walking shoes. 

Visitors may walk around the 500 acre estate, and you're apt to find that going from building to building will give you your walking exercise for the day.

The Main House At Mount Vernon

George Washington Home at Mount Vernon

George Washington's home, the Mansion house, has original furnishings and is represented as it was in 1799 when George Washington died.

Many of the pieces are were owned and used by him when he lived in the house.

There are some notable and different pieces in the collection... including the key to the French Bastille in Paris which was presented to Washington by the Marquis de Lafayette.

View The Potomac From The Back

Mount Vernon Main House Back Portico

Get a grand view of the Potomac from beneath the portico on the back of the Mansion.

Costumed guides are stationed around the home and plantation to narrate the history of the estate.

Washington's Tomb

See the tomb where the Washingtons are buried. 

Near the tomb is the slave burial ground with a memorial to the African-American slaves and free blacks who worked at Mount Vernon.

Much More To The Plantation

A plantation such as this had to operate as a self-contained community that supported itself. That meant that there needed to be many outbuildings for the daily business of all the different types of farm and business enterprises. 

Many of he original historic buildings still stand... the kitchen, the stables, the laundry, the blacksmiths shop, and the slave quarters.

Stroll through four different gardens... The "Upper" or pleasure garden had flowers. The "Lower" or kitchen garden has fruits and vegetables. There is a botanical garden and a nursery.

There are heritage breed animals who work at a "Pioneer Farmer" site... a four acre working farm. This site is near the river. The horses show how wheat was "tread" or processed in the recreated barn.

Exhibits In A Whole Different Area

George Washington was a businessman as well as a politician and farmer.

You can see the Gristmill where he ground flour and cornmeal, and the Distillery where he made whiskey (a very profitable enterprise so historians say!).

These buildings are located three miles from Mt Vernon. There is no shuttle, but there is bus service.

There is a separate entrance fee for this exhibit.

Visit Any Time Of Year

The entire complex is open seven days a week, all year including all holidays.

There is an admission fee.

You will purchase your tickets and begin your visit at the Ford Orientation Center. There is also an Education Center and a History Museum on the site.

You can tour on your own, take a guided walking tour or take a sightseeing cruise on the Potomac River.

Allow plenty of time. There is lots to see at Mount Vernon.

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