Mousey -- A Travel Adventure

by suzie
(farmington nm)

MouseTours is always up for an adventure tale... <BR> Cute Travel Tale Susie!

MouseTours is always up for an adventure tale...
Cute Travel Tale Susie!

Once upon a time there was a little mouse that lived with a family of 14. Her name was Emily, but she like to just be called Mousey instead.

She was the most outgoing and bravest of them all. She liked to travel and do new things. She liked to steel cheese from the kitchen and challenge her self by getting cheese off of the mousetraps which was very risky, but one day she decided to perform one of the biggest challenges of them all....which was too sneak past the two mean and vicious cats named Johnny and Joey to get one of the best smelling and tasty cheeses of them all.

She tried to sneak across the two vicious cats as quietly as she could, she went step by step, tippy-toeing very softly across and between the two cats. As she was going, she sneezed and woke up the two cats.

In a blink of an eye she ran as fast as she could across the kitchen and ran underneath the oven and stayed there until the two cats fell back asleep.

Finally when they slept, she went out with some tape, and put it under their paws so when they would wake up to trace, her it would slow them down. After she was done with that, she ran and tied a rope around the block of cheese. She pulled with all her might. Halfway there, one of the cats woke up and started to trace her.

As the cat started to run, the tape was sticking on the floor. The cat struggled and struggled to get the tape off. By the time the tape was off, Mousey was already about to go in her home. She finally made it.

She became history as one of the "Most Bravest Mouses" and was rewarded with treats and a trophy that said "Number 1 Mouse" on it.

And Mousey lived happily ever after.

- the end-

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Apr 25, 2009
Sometimes You Must Be Brave to Travel
by: Judy and Mark

Thanks for the cute little story Susie. Some people may think it doesn't relate to travel, but it does.

Sometimes you need to be brave to venture out into the world to see new things. There are scary obstacles you need to get past, but the rewards are always worth it.

And when you get home, everyone thinks you were very brave for going.... THERE.... where ever there is, but you know that you really weren't so brave... just adventurous, and following your heart.

We got our name because our friends said we scurried around to the corners of the world. Mark's nickname is "the mouse", and like mice, we don't call attention to ourselves, but we love to investigate everything....

We loved Emily and her sense of adventure. Thank you for sharing her with us.

Judy and Mark... the MouseTours duo

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