Aussie goes to Scotland

by Faye Woods
(Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)

MacEwen Castle lovely in snow on Christmas Eve 2010

MacEwen Castle lovely in snow on Christmas Eve 2010

MacEwen Castle lovely in snow on Christmas Eve 2010
Snow rims Loch Fyne on the walk to the castle
The first sight of
We did it... found the Castle MacEwen.  Who cares about snow?

It is Christmas Eve 2010 and we set out from our Village of Culross near Stirling at 9.15 am and it is about -5 and has been snowing for days. We rang the Kilfinan Pub and they told us the roads have been gritted so off we set.

We got there about 12 after a slow trip down the loch as snow had made the journey very slow. Snow flakes started but soon stopped.

After a slight hiccup finding the right path in the snow off we set over paddocks and frozen streams and fences to the beach. What a wonderful sight with all the snow and clear blue skys. Going through the gate just before the last hill we had to get through a pack of very smelly cows but made it and boy was it worth it.

There was my Castle in all its glory, the view spectacular and so was the surrounding country side and just covered in snow. So fantastic for us Aussies as we never get to see snow.

I really feel this is my part of Scotland.

My GG Grandfather James McEwan came out to Australia about 1860. he was born in Tillicoultry, Scotland, in 1840 son of Alexander Mcewan and Agnes Marshal.

I will never forget my trip to McEwan Castle.

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Oct 27, 2015
Family Connection
by: Douglas McEwan

Thank you for your story.
I stumbled across your story by chance while looking for photo's of the MacEwen castle remains. It looks like we maybe related in some way although my family Scottish relatives migrated to Perth WA in about 1913 on the ship Beljic however there were certainly lots of Jame's, Alexander's and Agnes's in the family tree (probably common names for the day)
Anyway it would be interesting to know if there is a family connection.

Hmmm... I think there is a family connection for the whole clan somewhere! Mark

Apr 10, 2011
Thank you!
by: Rita K

Thank you so much for sharing your story and photos! Wonderful!

Dec 24, 2010
What A Great Christmas Story!
by: Mark and Judy

We know how you felt seeing the Castle. It does feel like it's yours doesn't it? Snow must make the whole thing beautiful. What a great Christmas present to yourself. Thank you so much for sharing your story. (If you have pictures of the Castle in snow, we'd love to see them!)

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