Australian Road Signs May Tease You

Australian road signs tell you to watch out for them...

...those wonderful Australian animals that is.

Driving with a rental car is a great way to see Australia.

Pay attention to those Australian roadsigns...

They'll alert you to kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, wombats, echidnas... even penguins!

Whether you're wine tasting, birding, visiting national parks or cities, visitors want to see Australia's signature wildlife.

Australian Road Signs Caught Our Attention

Australian road sign - watch for kangaroos
Kangaroo roadsign at Uluru - Ayers Rock

We were driving through the wine regions of Australia, paying close attention to driving on the left, and watching for road signs.

The road signs warned of all the animals we wanted to see... there was the danger of hitting them.... The casualties on the side of the road attested to that, but since most of the animals are nocturnal, we didn't see many.

All the locals told us the danger was driving at night... and if they drove in kangaroo territory they had big heavy bumpers on their cars!

We saw kangaroo just often enough early in the morning and late in the evening to keep us looking...

But we tried not to drive at night... didn't want to hit Skippy!

Kangaroos at the side of the road AustraliaKangaroos at the side of the road. This is what you want to see! But you don't want them bounding over the road... or into your car.

Skippy Did Show Up, But Not Some Others

Aussie road sign for kangaroos and koalas

Sometimes the road signs would tease with two possibilities...  Oh boy!  Both koalas and kangaroos?

Didn't see them on that stretch of road... sigh!

Sometimes just for one... maybe a koala here?

Australian road signs - koala

But the only koalas we saw on this trip were on the signs.

We remember well seeing one on the side of the road on a previous trip, so it's always good to stay alert.

Aussie Road Signs For Other Animals Too

There are lots of signs for wombats...

wombat road sign
road sign - watch for wombatsAussie road signs for wombats. Alas, we didn't see any.

Road signs for echidnas... and wallabies...

watch for echidnas - Australian roadsigns
watch for wallabies - Tasmanian roadsign

And roadsigns for birds as common as ducks... And as uncommon as penguins...

Watch for baby ducks- Australian roadsign
Penguins have right-of-way Australia roadsigns

There are all the usual warning signs, including some pretty graphic signs about what can happen with loose rocks on the dirt roads you find in the rural areas...

Caution on dirt roads - Australia roadsigns

We still haven't figured out what they were trying to warn us about with the internet sign...

We were glad to find a wireless connection out in the middle of nowhere though.

Speaking of wireless connections, there are a couple of websites we’d like to pass on.  It’s not only the Australian reassigns that are amusing…. our friend Marilyn is too… and she has a great website about Family Getaways Melbourne.

And if you get up into Queestland and really want some adventure check out this site about Fishing and Camping, FC4 Magazines.

And all those Australian road signs warning of wonderful animals out in the bush? Well, they'll have us going back for another look.

Happy travels... even if you don't travel the world... just remember that life is a journey... embrace and enjoy it! Judy and Mark

Curious about what else we've written about?  Search our site for a destination or travel tip.

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