Small World

by Bill McEwan

Hello my name is William McEwan, my fathers name is William McEwan, and my eldest son's name is... yes, you guessed it, William McEwan. (It's a family/Scottish tradition to name the eldest son after the father).

When I was young, I thought it was a bit silly, but now as a middle William, I find it comforting.

My branch of the McEwans have lived around the central belt of Scotland for the last 150 Years. But strangely you hardly ever meet another McEwan, especially with the same spelling.

I was with a group of people last month on a golf outing (we McEwans love to play golf).

I met another William McEwan who lives 3 miles from where I live; we have never met previously. I live in Linlithgow; he lives in Falkirk. Guess what his father's name is...? William. His wife has just given birth to a son... William of course.

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Jan 11, 2011
aussie McEwans
by: faye Woods

Hi Bill, I was just in Scotland over christmas and was staying at Culross just across from you. My GGG Grandfather was William McEwan born near Perth but moved to Tillycoultry in about 1840 and my GG Grandfather James was born there. ( James did have an older brother William) From there they travelled to australia in 1848 and here we are here in Aus.

Oct 22, 2010
william,james all sons of ewan
by: William MacEwan

My name is William MacEwan. I have an ancestry where the son is named after the grandfather and my grand father william was named after his grandfather william. My father James(jimmy)was named after his grandfather James who was named after his grandfather James. This goes back to the early 1800,S which is as far back as i have traced the history.
I firmly believe we are originally from the luss area and i love to visit and walk along the loch. My belief that the name comes from the scottish MAC son of EWAN might be incorrect but no one really has specific knowledge to disprove my thinking.

yours in friendship WILLIAM MACEWAN

Oct 21, 2010
by: Michelle McEwen

My dad is William McEwen, My brother William McEwen the 3rd, and grandfather William McEwen. Anyhow i am trying to trace back my routes, i would like to visit Scotland, i am a photographer that loves castles and the outdoors, any recommendations?

Aug 19, 2009
by: Anonymous

Iwill be posting two articles soon one will be the naval tradition and the lore of the crest and the history of motto etc

love the info???

cousin jim

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